Jo-Ann’s and Mama Elephant Haul

Hi Everyone!    I got a new laptop replacing my desktop, so my desk is in complete chaos right now.  I have finally finished transferring my files and programs to my new computer and am finally able to take the old one out of my office.  PHEW! I thought that would never be done.  All I have to say is thank GOD for the cloud!!! 🙂  Incidentally, I am lucky I was being lazy and wanted a laptop to replace my desktop because as soon as I was done, my old computer stopped booting up!

Jo-Ann STILL has Copics on sale for $3.14, so head on over there if you’d like!

Anyhoo…..I have a quick haul here.  What I could manage to upload one-legged-feeling from my laptop! lol enjoy!

I’ve said twice now that I wouldn’t order anymore Christmas Stamps…buuuuttttttt……….

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