DIY 2-in-1 Craft Mat

Do any of your desks look like this?   Make a card and before you know it… have 20 things piled up all over!  I love my craft mat, but rarely pull it out because I lose it, or it gets folded, wrinkled, mangled…so there it sits…rolled up under my desk.  I want to use it, so here’s to solving 2 problems at once!

I didn’t solve the entire pile…but here is a start!  You will need 3M Spray Adhesive, a Self-Healing Mat (I have a 12×12 one, so the normal Ranger Craft Mat worked.  If you have a larger self-healing mat, you will need the Jumbo Non-Stick Craft Mat), a craft knife and whatever washi-tape you have on hand.


Take your self-healing mat OUTSIDE (trust me lol) and give the BACKof it a good spray with adhesive.  It doesn’t take a whole lot, just try to get an even coat.  This stuff is plenty sticky….even for the craft mat.   Then place the craft mat and smooth it out.  You can use a credit card, but I didn’t find this step was needed….it laid down pretty smooth.  As long as you just have a corner down, you can lift it up and reposition if needed.


Since my mat is 12×12, I had some hanging off one end, so I just took my craft knife and trimmed it up.   Next take your washi tape and seal all the edges in.  Note on the washi tape: the first washi I chose was not very sticky, so I had to change it out.  If you had a decorative duct tape, it would probably work the best.


All done…that easy.  My craft mat is safe from wrinkles and I can actually find it!!  Win/Win!!!

2 thoughts on “DIY 2-in-1 Craft Mat

  1. Anne Voss says:

    Is the self healing mat heat stable? I use heat on my craft mat all the time, but would be concerned about the self healing mat warping underneath it. Maybe a layer of something in between the two would be a solution?

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