Zig Real Brush Watercolor Markers

So, I caved and finally bought the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Watercolor Markers (that is a mouthful).  All I have to say is I can’t believe how long I’ve been without them!  I think my Copics might get retired after trying these, but that is another story.  What impressed me so much is the ease and quickness of how these color.  I colored this image in less than 10 minutes…it would’ve taken me at least 30-45 minutes with Copics.


The only complaint I have is that they are not marked well. Sandy Allnock to the rescue!  You can find her video here.  I created somewhat of a slight spin off for labeling these.  My labels are a little bit smaller and I used 1/2 inch clear tape to protect the labels.  I created a PDF to share with you all.   clean color markers – These will print on Avery 5167 return address labels, or its equivalent.

I found them for cheaper than any other place on Amazon. I will link them all below.

12 Brush Set

24 Brush Set

36 Brush Set

48 Brush Set

60 Brush Set

There is an 80 brush set, and they’re also available in open stock, but I have not found a place that has the 80 set for a fair price yet.  Enjoy!

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