Video Made Simple: My Cell and Benks

Perfectionism….I don’t know how many of you suffer from it, but it’s a curse sometimes.  I’ve wanted to share with others with process videos and sharing my creations, since I, myself, spend hours and hours watching all of yours.  I didn’t even know where to start.  Do I need a camcorder?  Webcam?  Editing software?  Ugggghhhhh…..wanting to invest in the best is my downfall as I strive for perfection.  But, as all of us perfectionists know….perfection leads to procrastination.  So here it is…..time to let go and just do it.   No need for top of the line, expensive equipment…my cell phone and a $10 tripod.

The best advice I’ve received: if you want to make videos….make videos.  Trial and error, after the last error (included in the video), I hope this is the last “housecleaning” post I have to make so I can move on to the crafting!!

Here’s my review of the Benks Cell Phone Holder.

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